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Primary School

The primary school aims to deliver a stimulating, broad and balanced curriculum within a positive and caring community where each child is valued. Children are encouraged to become confident independent thinkers who behave responsibly and courteously. Our dedicated teams of teaching staff provide pupils with the opportunity to develop a variety of skills, thus facilitating the fulfillment of their potential in academic and sporting capacities, specialist teaching and exciting experiences across the curriculum. These elements together create an inspiring atmosphere of motivation, energy and success

Students explore a wide range of texts within a myriad of genres to develop both the technical and imaginative elements of reading, writing, speaking and listening

Mathematics is taught in a practical and investigative manner, providing students with the confidence and understanding to use a variety of strategies when dealing with all mathematical applications

Scientific knowledge is carefully combined with scientific enquiry so that practical experiments and investigations provide children with hands-on experience of scientific concepts 


Sheikh Majed Bin Saqr Al Qasimi St
Sharjah, 681
Po box- 26188


Phone: +9716 554 4737
Phone: +9716 552 3499


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