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A successful curriculum is the key to any child’s accelerated learning and progress. In addition, it enhances the children’s enjoyment and valuing of education. It leads to the child’s independent ability as a life-long learner and encourages participation in further and higher education. With this in mind, we strive to provide a curriculum that motivates and challenges every pupil to achieve their best learning.
We aim to provide a curriculum through which children look forward to coming to school every day and go home, telling of their experiences and learning.
Throughout the year we will be following the recommendations of the current English National Curriculum.

Core Subjects taught (FS1-Y5)                       Other subjects
 English                                                               Arabic    french  Art
 Math                                                                   Islamic   Music   ICT
 Science                                                              Social study   Physical education

Pupil progress tracking, assessment, and support:

Al Rowad Pvt School follows the UK National Curriculum for England and delivers its curriculum in line with UK standards as laid down by the UK Government. A synopsis of these standards that our teaching and evaluations comply with can be seen by CLICKING HERE.
As a modern, forward looking school that subscribes to the latest pedagogical practices, the more traditional approach to summative testing is not a model used here. We assess periodically using a variety of testing media including paper-based tests, projects, presentations and discussions. More formalized testing and assessment will form part of our secondary school that opens in August 2020. Details of this framework will be published in the coming year.
In addition to assessment, pupils’ abilities, skills and wellbeing are evaluated in a number of ways using external, standardized evaluations as follows:
CAT4 (Cognitive Ability Test version 4): CAT4 evaluations have been used for some years in international education and are a federal requirement in the UAE for primary children in Years 3 and 5. They are conducted in school during the school day and give feedback that enables the school to better tailor lessons to a child’s learning needs.
PTE, PTM, PTS (Progress Test in English, Maths and Science): Progress Tests in English (PTE), Maths (PTM) and Science (PTS) are standardised assessments of pupils’ technical English, Maths and Science skills. These tests are used annually to support teachers in benchmarking student’s English knowledge, and measure their progress over time. This can help in identifying those in need of extra help, as well as those who are particularly able.
PASS (Pupil Attitudes to Self and School): This is the only psychometric assessment specifically designed to spot attitudinal or emotional issues in children before they impact on school performance, PASS takes just 20 minutes to complete and acts as an effective early warning system so that we can intervene and support pupils.
The outcomes and context of all evaluations and assessments are shared with parents through information sessions, reports and parent teacher meetings. If you want to find out more about testing and evaluation at ARS, please do contact us to arrange an appointment.


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